How To Be A Better Rapper

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How To Be A Better Rapper


Once you have found your passion for becoming a rapper, it soon becomes an addiction. You can no longer look at words and lyrics the same way, you begin to dissect the rhythm they are delivered, and the meaning behind each line. This guide is to give you ideas on how to become a better rapper, so lets jump right in and get going.

Learn New Vocab

Many of the greatest rappers have a very wide vocabulary and a good understanding of words in the language they are rapping in. Not only learning new words, but also learn multiple meanings for the same word, and begin to introduce this in your writing process. Many of the greats such as Eminem have been known to study both the dictionary and thesaurus’s to expand on their vocabulary. The more that you know, the more that you can write about, and the more impressive you rapping will be to the listeners.


Freestyling is one of the most essential skills a rapper can have, and I will tell you why. As soon as you hear a beat, you can instantly come up with an idea that works rhythmically, and lyrically to some extent. Having the ability to freestyle off head can make you a valuable asset to anyone, and also a much better rapper. This will also speed up your songwriting process drastically, which will make you become much more efficient with the time that you have. Pair this step with the first, and you will be an idea generating machine!

Practice In Front Of People

What good is being able to rap if you can’t rap in front of anyone ? This is a major step you have to overcome if your looking to build a career as a rapper. This will also help you to build your confidence., but start small. Once you can rap in front of 1 or 2 people, try 3-5 people next. If you are comfortable with this, then expand and push yourself further.

Soon you will be comfortable with a crowd, which will make a much better rapper in a live performance. Even promote your ability online and get back on social media. Here’s a guide which will help you develop your Instagram presence.

Also, This will help you be more confident when it comes to recording your tracks, as you will be used to people hearing you rap. Performing in front of people will help you develop your delivery skills, which is an essential attribute that all the greatest rappers share. This is probably the make or break step in this how to be a better rapper guide. You can see our guide on how to obtain free beats to practice your skills over.

Learn To Sing

Learning to sing may raise a few eyebrows to some rappers, but hear me out, it can help your rapping ability majorly. No one is saying become the next R-Kelly or D’angelo, but by learning the basics you will be able to incorporate melody into your raps, which takes you to the next level. People love melodies. Melodies + strong flows is the perfect formula when accompanied with great lyrics.


Follow these steps and take action, and you will notice a massive difference in your rapping ability I promise. It may not come overnight, or in a week. But over time you will grow and develop, and more people will become fans of the musical artwork that you create. Like anything, you get out what you put in, so be sure to take that in consideration when you feel unmotivated.

I hope this how to become a better rapper guide has been useful for you guys!

Thank you for reading. Take action.

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