Buy Trap Beats Guide


It can be quite a mind field when the time comes to buy trap beats, as there are so many styles, purchase options and lots of producers. In fact, it can be actually be quite overwhelming, and a lot to take in at first. This step is massive step for an artist to take, as only the serious and success driven artists take this action, instead of using rinsed trap beats for free on YouTube which are literally wearing producer tags. Click here to get an understanding for the background of trap beats. This guide I have put together will hopefully inform you guys about the process you will go through when you buy trap beats, and give you vital information when choosing the right instrumentals for you. We will start by talking about the lease options that are available on our store.

Different Buying Options

Okay, so when you purchase beats, you can do it 1 or 2 ways. Firstly you could buy the exclusive rights to the beat and become the exclusive owner, or you can lease the beat. By leasing a beat, you own the license rights to use and profit from work containing the beat you leased, but you do not own the beat as such. An easy way to relate it into the real world would be like renting property, if you rent an apartment, you own the license to live their and you agree to tenant conditions, the same thing kind of applies when leasing beats. I shall go over the different lease types that we offer here:

Standard MP3 Lease – $19.99 – This leasing option allows the purchaser to obtain the untagged MP3 version of the instrumental. This leasing licenses grants up to 2500 sales units, the freedom to distribute their product to any platform using the beat, and to monetise streams & obtain radio play This lease option of most ideal for artists that are on the rise and are looking to build projects at a very affordable and budget friendly rate. This has most commonly used by artists who are looking to release mix tape projects and are building their fan base.

Premium WAV Lease- $34.99 – This leasing option is one step up from the Standard MP3 Lease. The purchaser will receive both the MP3 and the WAV version of the instrumental that has been leased. This license will grant the artist to sell up to 5000 units before requiring a renewed lease. The artist is also granted permission to distribute the music where they please, and use any streaming service they wish to monetise with. This option is common for artists who are releasing singles and are looking to get that extra quality out of their music, still at an affordable rate.

Track out Lease – $59.99 – This leasing option is the cheapest option if you are looking to received the tracked out stem version of an instrumental. The purchaser will receive the MP3, WAV and the Tracked out versions of the instrumental. If you don’t know what tracked out stems are, it is each individual part of the instrumental exported to its own WAV file. The purpose of this is so that artists can have the freedom to mix and master the beat different in their projects. This license option allows the artist to sell up to 10000 units using the beat before requiring a renewal. This lease is commonly chosen by artists who are planning to make strong profit with their music, and are generally more “advanced” artists in terms of their business structure. The beats tend to be used for single releases or for album projects at an affordable rate

Unlimited Track out Lease – $99.99 – This option here is the most expensive leasing option that we offer. It is very similar to the Track out lease, except there is no sales cap. This option is normally chosen by artists who are looking to market an album project, without the sales restrictions that a Track out lease would consist of.

Exclusive Rights – $250+ – This is the most expensive way to purchase beats, but is the most safest way. When you purchase the exclusive rights to a beat, you then become the exclusive rights holder, and the beat will no longer be sold after the transaction has been made. As the exclusive right holder, you are free to do whatever you wish with the instrumental (excluding reselling the beat). This option is very popular, as serious artists don’t want to use beats that lots of other people have leased out before. We in fact urge artists to try and take this option, and even adjust our prices so that we can do our best for artists to get the best deal possible. This option is chosen only by the most serious artist’s, and those are in the game for the long run.


Lets get straight to the point, we don’t take no % of sales than artist makes using our beats. That is all yours, we want you to keep it. However, we are entitled to a split in royalties, which is a very fair amount.

All leased beats are to be split 60/40 in favour of the artist.

All exclusive beats are to be split 80/20 in favour of the artist.

What To Look For When Buying Beats

When you are ready to buy trap beats, whether they are beats that are for lease or even exclusive beats for sale, there a few things you should look for. Here is a little checklist:

  1. Ensure that you can profit from the beat you leased/purchased

  2. Ensure that the beat is mixed to a very high quality

  3. Check to make sure the beat doesn’t have any abrupt stops or artificial clicks

  4. Make sure that the arrangement of the beat suits your vision

  5. Ensure that the beat isn’t clipping. A lot of producers make this mistake

Hopefully this advice helps all you out when it comes to purchasing beats in general. Not only for trap style beats does this apply to, but for rap beats and all other styles.

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