Trap Beats


Trap music has become more of a Tsunami rather than a wave, and Trap beats have become high in demand. It has totally hit the music scene by force, and is continuing to grow on a daily basis. The majority of popular music contains elements of trap music, whether it be the drilling hats, the aggressive 808s or even the dark simplicity melodies. Let’s start with a look in to the rise of trap music and how it has grown.

A Brief History Of Trap Music

Trap, as we all know is a style of rap music, which is a part of the Hip-Hop culture. It’s roots can be traced to the 90’s, and was born in the Southern States of America. The style of music was named after the drug dens that heavily populate the southern states, which are referred to as “Trap Houses”. Atlanta is the home of Trap, and artists such as UGK and Master P are some of the earliest rappers that can be referenced to Trap music.

In the 2000’s, Trap began to grasp the attention of a much wider audience, and was considered its own style of rap. Notable artists at the time such as T.I, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and Gucci mane played a massive part in the progression of the style, and actively releasing music at a consistent rate. Some claim that TI was the innovator of trap music, and some evidence supporting this claim can be found in 2003 where he released an album called “Trap Muzik”.

The 2010’s decade has been the reign of Trap music and its finest level. The rise of producer Lex Luger had a massive effect of the direction which trap music would take. Lex luger was believed to have produced over 200 tracks between 2010-2011 alone, which made him a spotlight producer. In this era, producers seem to have just as much credibility as the artists that perform on them. Producers such as Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, Southside, Murda Beatz, Zaytoven and TM88 have become figures of high stature in Trap music, and are names that are constantly in the limelight. This decade has seen the rise of many prolific Trap artists, such as Fetty Wap, Future, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Migos … the list can go on and on.

What Are Trap Beats?

The Trap style can vary greatly, as various tempos are used in the creation. Trap beats tend to have a dark and aggressive edge to them, under most normally circumstances they are composed in natural minor keys. Trap beats are associated with having fast paced drillin hats, off beat snare patterns accompanied by heavy kicks and deep 808 basslines. Trap also shares many characteristics to rap beats, it’s parent style.

Trap beats are constantly developing, and its hard to sum them up in one description. Trap beats can take influence from anywhere, but its the feel that counts. If ain’t got that sauce, it ain’t real trap.

Where Can You Find Trap Beats

There are countless producers online who make Trap beats, as beat production has become more accessible. Very few producers have that “sauce”. Trap is all about feel, and if it doesn’t bounce right, then its average. On our website, you will find various styles of Trap beats and instrumentals, which are at the highest quality. Feel free to check out our trap beats here on the homepage.

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