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How To Be A Better Rapper

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How To Be A Better Rapper


Once you have found your passion for becoming a rapper, it soon becomes an addiction. You can no longer look at words and lyrics the same way, you begin to dissect the rhythm they are delivered, and the meaning behind each line. This guide is to give you ideas on how to become a better rapper, so lets jump right in and get going.

Learn New Vocab

Many of the greatest rappers have a very wide vocabulary and a good understanding of words in the language they are rapping in. Not only learning new words, but also learn multiple meanings for the same word, and begin to introduce this in your writing process. Many of the greats such as Eminem have been known to study both the dictionary and thesaurus’s to expand on their vocabulary. The more that you know, the more that you can write about, and the more impressive you rapping will be to the listeners.


Freestyling is one of the most essential skills a rapper can have, and I will tell you why. As soon as you hear a beat, you can instantly come up with an idea that works rhythmically, and lyrically to some extent. Having the ability to freestyle off head can make you a valuable asset to anyone, and also a much better rapper. This will also speed up your songwriting process drastically, which will make you become much more efficient with the time that you have. Pair this step with the first, and you will be an idea generating machine!

Practice In Front Of People

What good is being able to rap if you can’t rap in front of anyone ? This is a major step you have to overcome if your looking to build a career as a rapper. This will also help you to build your confidence., but start small. Once you can rap in front of 1 or 2 people, try 3-5 people next. If you are comfortable with this, then expand and push yourself further.

Soon you will be comfortable with a crowd, which will make a much better rapper in a live performance. Even promote your ability online and get back on social media. Here’s a guide which will help you develop your Instagram presence.

Also, This will help you be more confident when it comes to recording your tracks, as you will be used to people hearing you rap. Performing in front of people will help you develop your delivery skills, which is an essential attribute that all the greatest rappers share. This is probably the make or break step in this how to be a better rapper guide. You can see our guide on how to obtain free beats to practice your skills over.

Learn To Sing

Learning to sing may raise a few eyebrows to some rappers, but hear me out, it can help your rapping ability majorly. No one is saying become the next R-Kelly or D’angelo, but by learning the basics you will be able to incorporate melody into your raps, which takes you to the next level. People love melodies. Melodies + strong flows is the perfect formula when accompanied with great lyrics.


Follow these steps and take action, and you will notice a massive difference in your rapping ability I promise. It may not come overnight, or in a week. But over time you will grow and develop, and more people will become fans of the musical artwork that you create. Like anything, you get out what you put in, so be sure to take that in consideration when you feel unmotivated.

I hope this how to become a better rapper guide has been useful for you guys!

Thank you for reading. Take action.

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How To Find Free Beats To Rap Over

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Free Beats To Rap Over



When you are starting out, most would deem it acceptable and also fair to find free beats to rap over. As your music career develops and you become serious, using free beats will limit your success. So for those aspiring rappers who are just getting into the game, this article will be most relevant for you. With that being said, lets look at ways how you can find free beats to rap over


On sound cloud, there are thousands of free beats available for rappers to use. You can go to the website and type into the search bar exactly what you are looking for, and you can bet you will get results. Search terms such as “free trap beat” or “free drake type beat” can really help you find the sound you are looking for. Put your own twist on the searches with are most suited to you and your musical vision.


Again, very similar to Soundcloud, YouTube has a massive variety of beats online which can be downloaded for free. However, a lot of beats on YouTube specifically state that free beats for non-profit use only, so be sure to respect the producers policies. TIP a great thing about YouTube is you can adjust your searches so you can find playlists of content. For example, if you type “free beats” into YouTube and on the search options you select playlists, YouTube will list all the playlists which contain free beats. This can help save a lot of time!


On our beat store, there is an option to download our tagged beats for free. This is so artists can take away any beat on our store and write lyrics too. We feel as if this is a very flexible approach for artists, as they can write to the beat anywhere and anytime inspiration strikes. Artists can then do demo recordings using these beats, and have the option to lease beats after. But all tagged beats are totally free to use, so get downloading our free beats to rap over!


Soundclick is also another place where you are able to find free beats to rap over. Although Soundclick mainly consists of premium beats, producers often upload free beats to boost their brand awareness, so these beats are available for you use. Soundclick works off a chart system, so finding free beats may be a long process.


Airbit is another online marketplace which has a free beat section. You can simply look in their free beat section and find beats from 1000’s of producers. Airbit has a very organised system, of which you can search beats by their mood also. This can really help you find an ideal beat to rap to which can convey the emotion that you are attempting to portray.

Pros of using these free beats

1) Good to practice too
2) Can inspire you to write new material
3) Can help you find producers to work with long term
4) Your taking action
5) No investment required

Cons of using these free beats

1) Can’t monetise
2) Lots of other people are practising with these beats
3) Lots of people have released tracks with these beats
4) The beats have no exclusivity
5) The beats may contain many producer tags
6) Aren’t always a producers best piece of work


For artists who are just beginning, using free beats is a great step in the direction of becoming an active artist. Free beats can also be a major resource which contributes to the progression of your songwriting ability also. However, for more serious artists who are looking to make money from their music, using free beats isn’t the way to go. Serious artists need quality beats which have a certain level of exclusivity at least, and preferably purchasing exclusive rights would be the most professional way to go. The key really is to start with free beats and when your ready, progress onto purchasing beats when your ready to take your career serious from a business perspective.

Thank you guys, I hope this article helps in regards to finding free beats to rap over, and also the pros and cons of these beats!


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Finding The Best Underground Hip Hop Beats

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Underground Hip Hop Beats



As times change, new styles of music emerge. As we know, trap beats are the “in thing” right now, and everybody and their pet goldfish are using them. But this article I want to talk about finding the best underground hip hop beats, and how you can stand out using these beats. So lets get into it!

Don’t Use YouTube

YouTube is a brilliant supply for beats but lets be real, everyone searches for their beats on YouTube. This will result in you potentially using beats that 100s of rappers have used previously and people will categorise you as being a part of that culture.

Your better off finding a producer who you can either buy or receive beats from that you know hasn’t leaked the beat. TIP – You can find many underground hip hop producers by searching hashtags like #undergroundhiphop #boombapbeat #hiphopproducer into Instagram. This brings us to the next paragraph


Instagram is a brilliant resource for anything, and you can find so much talent and quality just by searching hashtags. In fact, this is how a lot of people find me online!

You can easily connect with producers on Instagram by simply interacting with their content, and sending them a direct message. This is a brilliant place to start building relationships with producers and get beats at very affordable rates. There are so many hip hop producers on Instagram that don’t get heard, it is really worth checking out.


Although Soundcloud is a known platform, you would be surprised how many underground hip hop beats that haven’t been touched are on there! Sometimes it requires a bit of time and effort to go through a load of beats, but the key is to ignore the popular beats. Look for beats which hasn’t had much plays, these are the secret gems that you want to be checking out. Very few people if that will have these beats.

This Website

Although you see many trap and smooth beats on this website, there are also plenty of underground hip hop beats which are available at a VERY cheap price here. We try out best to keep a good variation of beats here to help everyone succeed. I will embed the beat player so you can check what underground hip hop beats we have available to use.

How To Stand Out Using Underground Hip Hop Beats

Using these beats alone should help you stand out from the crowd and give the real hip hop fans something to get excited about. But what will make you stand out is how you approach these beats. You need to perfect a style, whether it be comedy, politics, love, it can be anything. Become a master at writing lyrics which reflect your intelligence, and people will respect that.

Hip hop is about telling a story from a poetic perspective. Poetry consists of wordplay, puns, rhyme, syllables, timing and delivery. These are the skills you should adopt if you want to stand out and become an iconic figure in the underground hip hop world. J Cole is a brilliant example which aspiring rappers should study.


There are many sources for underground hip hop beats, but you have to actively search for them. Although trap music is dominant right and doesn’t look like its departing anytime soon, good hip hop will always live on. After all, there is only a certain amount of mumble rap one can withstand 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed the article!

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